Baudelaire is PASSIONATE. About importing HIGH-QUALITY soaps and body-care products based on authentic local traditions of formulation and fragrance. Stephane Lecaille of Provence Santé, whose passion for traditional soapmaking and authentic Provençal FRAGRANCES has led to the creation of one of America’s leading imported brands.

Switzerland’s Ernst Schenk whose commitment to TRADITIONAL beekeeping, and the wonderfully healing ingredients that bees gather, recently took him to Brazil in search of better bee pollen for his Apiana soaps.

Jim Cantonis, a fourth generation sponge harvester in Tarpon Springs, Florida: a leading advocate for renewable harvesting of NATURAL sea sponges from the Gulf of Mexico.

Bernard Chevilliat, creator of Essence soaps, who helped lead the fight for an independent screening body, CosméBio, which certifies ORGANIC and natural personal-care products in Europe.

Cara Spinelli who, inspired by her commitment to renewable resources and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, founded a women’s collective in Transylvania to create jobs in remote villages, who supply our hemp wash mitts.

Angela Canon who, with her mother, began a similar initiative in Colombia which employs LOCAL women to gather, knit, and crochet bath accessories from horsehair and other natural fibers.