The Natural Comfort of Bucky: a private oasis of calm and comfort to relieve tension, stress, and pain often associated with the hectic rush of everyday life!

Bucky Inc. is a Seattle, WA based company founded in 1992 to design, manufacture and market comfy new pillows filled with natural buckwheat hulls and millet hulls. Bucky strongly believes in 100% natural and sustainable products. Many of their product are filled with buckwheat seeds, buckwheat hulls, or millet hulls. Although these fillings have been around for centuries in Asia and Europe, they were imported as an specialty item found only in select natural-product stores until Bucky pioneered their manufacture and began making them widely available in the US.

Buckwheat hulls are triangular shaped hulls grip together under body weight providing passive stable support. It allows ventilation to keep you cool and maintain a dry pillow. Buckwheat does not compress over time and distribute weight evenly, alleviating pressure points, adjusting naturally to every contour.

Millet hulls are dense and luxurious, provide silky soft and stable support. Millet hulls are slightly warm and heat conserving, and will adjust to conform to every contour. Just like buckwheat, millet hulls do not compress over time and distribute weight evenly, alleviating pressure points.

Buckwheat and millet hulls are some of the planet's most sustainable and hardy crops. They grow originally in a wide range of enivorments thanks to their natural resistance to insects and disease. Bucky's natural hulls are eco-friendly, triple cleaned in the manufacturing process, pesticide and herbicide free. Plus they are 99.9% dust free which makes them hypoallergenic.

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