Clean. Pure. Natural.

Deep Steep
Deep Steep All- Natural personal care products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, unique in their ability to smell and feel just like popular luxury products, only without the use of harmful chemical ingredients.

All products are guaranteed FREE of chemical preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other questionable ingredients.

7 Unbelievable Wonderful Scents:

Passion Fruit - Guava: A bright rush of exotic passion fruit and guava pair with cheerful accords of orange, mango, and papaya to sweeten your personal care routine. Creamy shea and cocoa butter recede into the background as naturally sweet vanilla, a dash of cassis, and a touch of citrus gently finish this refreshing and comforting scent.

Brown Sugar & Vanilla: We want you to revel in the embrace of warmth and sensuality as you treat yourself to some quiet ME time. Beginning with top notes of ripe fig, muguet and a medley of fresh, juicy fruit -including nectarine- this silky scent features hints of creamy coconut milk, amber, caramelized brown sugar and vanilla bean, all resting on a base of soft silky musk.

Lavender-Chamomile: Lavender's soothing qualities are complemented by the calming scent of Chamomile, helping to create a supreme state of serenity for the mind and body. This fragrance helps relax, de-stress, and relieve tension.

Honeydew- Spearmint: The unique blend of sweet honeydew melon, spearmint, orange, and a hint of lime, creates the perfect summertime scent all year long. This mild scent is a favorite among those who want to add a little (but not too much) minty sweet to their daily routine

Tangerine-Melon: Luscious melon with a tangerine twist brings to mind sultry summer days on the shore. Tangerine ~ Melon couldn't let you down if it tried

Rosemary-Mint: The infusion of rosemary and peppermint calmly cools the skin and stimulates the senses, providing deep stress relief for the mind and body. Strong yet subtle, Rosemary ~ Mint is the ultimate smell of clean.

Grapefruit-Bergamot: A real customer favorite, Grapefruit ~ Bergamot smells so good you could eat it! The light citrus scent of fresh grapefruit, combined with the richness of Italian bergamot, makes this blend an uplifting favorite.