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Pass Christian Soap Company is a story that has a comeback history. Founder of PC Soap; Paula had a better idea – handmade soap wrapped in attractive packaging. The gifts were a huge hit and before long, friends were placing orders. Paula’s kitchen turned into a “soap factory.” She decided to name her company after the small Mississippi coastal town she called home – Pass Christian, MS. With family helping create the business, Paula's first commercial client was the nationally recognized and award-winning Hillyer House in Ocean Springs, MS. Soon Paula was setting up a gift shop in Mississippi Gulf Coast – MGM’s The Beau Rivage. One of Paula's great lines is “Try it. If you don’t like it, I won’t bother you.”

Obviously, Paula’s kitchen no longer had the capacity to meet the demand of the large orders Pass Christian Soap Company was now receiving. Plans were in the works to move into a new facility when the costliest and deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history slammed into the Gulf Coast – Hurricane Katrina!

Hurricane Katrina decimated Pass Christian. Of the approximately 8,000 homes in the community, all but 500 were damaged or destroyed. After being dealt such a tremendous blow, most people would just give up. But Paula was more determined than ever to rebuild her company.

Armed with a promise from her vendors that they would place orders once she got back on her feet, Paula and her family set up shop in Daphne, AL, while the Mississippi Gulf Coast worked to rebuild itself. It would be three years before The Pass Christian Soap Company returned to the town that serves as the company’s namesake. Today, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is bouncing back. There are still visible scars that will fade over time, but will always serve as a reminder to those that lived through Hurricane Katrina.

When you purchase a product from Pass Christian Soap Company, not only are you supporting a business that has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, but you are buying American made. Their complete line of quality bath and body products are each made by hand in Pass Christian, using natural, locally sourced ingredients.

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